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    Melbourne, Australia.
  • Sparus™ Pump with Constant Flow Technology™
    Sparus™ Pump
    with Constant Flow Technology™
    The world’s first aquaculture duty pump to deliver a CONSTANT user-defined flow rate
    Under typical operating conditions, Sparus Pump with Constant Flow Technology offers the
    highest water flow rate of any high performance pump—with the lowest electricity consumption.
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Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems (AES) is dedicated to excellence in all aspects of our business. Whatever you need—equipment selection, consultation, technical support, system design, redesign/retrofitting services, maintenance or service contracts—you can count on us. Pentair provides what’s needed to make any system operate more efficiently and effectively to help you extract profit from every facet of your operation. We see the potential in the Commercial Aquaculture market; we’ve made this our main focus and we strive to be the best in the three key areas of supporting commercial facilities: Design ● Service ● Equipment. Ready to get your aquaculture project started? …ASK US!


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As the Australian aquaculture industry grows to meet demand the industry will need a reliable partner. The modern day Australian fish farmer needs a partner that they can rely on. That is why Pentair AES has an office in Melbourne. We are better able to service the needs of our customers. Our Melbourne office features a full range of aquaculture technology and equipment ready to ship. Our Sales team is equipped to answer any questions and provide solutions for new projects or an existing farm.