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Your Source for Comprehensive Design and Operations Services.

Systems design. Technology integration. Product selection. Our design and engineering team maximizes the value of your investment in commercial aquaculture.

The operation of the system is controlled by Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Programmed computer software is used to interface and program the feeding system. The software controls feeding operations such as feed rates, meal times, feed types, etc. The operator, can monitor, interface, reprogram or override the automatic operation of the system.


Early Detailed Planning Leads To Successful Aquaculture Designs

Bio-programming is the process of defining a fish production plan and determining the criteria around which hatcheries are to be designed and built. We identify species, strain and life stages of fish to be reared. We use that information to map out an achievable production timeline and growth schedule. Then we determine the optimum size and number of culture systems required to enable you to achieve your production goals.


We Help Start Up And Successfully Operate The Systems We Design

Commissioning and training are critical to the operational success of any aquaculture project, particularly with the added complexity of water recirculating systems. Our PR Aqua Division provides these services as well as comprehensive operation and maintenance manuals. We are committed to the ongoing success of all of the commercial aquaculture facilities we design and build. Our team can provide water-quality troubleshooting or operational advice beyond the commissioning phase of our clients’ projects.


We Design To Meet Your Business Goals

Our PR Aqua Division ensures that preliminary assumptions are justified. Next, we provide detailed systems engineering, drawings and bid documents for all aquaculture specialty equipment and systems. Cost control is understood to be of paramount importance, so we make every effort to limit operating and capital costs through design. We compress timelines, without compromise to design quality, for rapid progression to construction. We provide engineering support during construction to ensure successful installation of all systems.


We Manufacture And Integrate High-Quality Aquaculture Equipment

Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems™ manufactures high-quality fish culture and water-treatment equipment along with comprehensive equipment specifications that complement our design services. If it fits with your project planning needs, we package design and equipment supplies to provide a cost-effective, low-risk approach. There is considerable value in the integration of design and equipment supply. We create the best opportunity for an efficient installation and a well-integrated, functional aquaculture system.


Limit Costs By Taking Small Early Steps, Finding Right Design

Design options are developed early and only with enough detail to allow for comparison and selection of the most appropriate solution. Options are explored economically, and the best solution is rapidly identified without a large expenditure on design fees. Only once the feasibility of the chosen solution is proven and financial uncertainty is minimized is the more costly detailed design undertaken. This approach provides for a lower-risk design and more cost-effective process as a whole.


Identify Aquaculture Risks By Designing To Reduce Them

Our aquaculture experts apply their deep knowledge to ensure that all facilities are suitable for the culture of fish and integrate best-management practices. Our key to successful design is to provide a sufficient, but not excessive, safety factor in specifying equipment sizes and capacities. We work closely with our clients to establish an acceptable risk-tolerance level that strives to balance production, safety and cost.

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