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Pentair-Vaki Fish Pumps
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To protect your investment during handling operations, you need a safe, gentle, fast way to transfer fish. From an economic standpoint, Pentair-Vaki Fish Pumps are capable of reducing operating costs and dramatically improving efficiency. Pentair-Vaki Fish Pumps are precision-manufactured from the highest-qulity materials and are available in two sizes; the Pentair-Vaki 6 and the Pentair-Vaki 8. For many years, Aquaculturists around the world have utilized the proven performance of Pentair-Vaki Fish Pumps to move salmon, trout, char, tilapia, hybrid striped bass, mackerel, anchovy, yellowtail, shrimp, and many other species.

Pentair-Vaki Fish Pumps make it easy to move a wide range of aquatic species efficiently and safely. The continuous pumping action keeps fish in the water at all times, minimizes damage and increases output. One operator can move up to 10 tons per hour, which reduces labor costs and increases safety by eliminating the need to lift heavy nets and buckets.

Product Highlights:

  • Developed with advanced finite element analysis processes to increase efficiency and ensure optimized, long-lasting, trouble-free service.
  • Cart-mounted pump includes a precision-welded stainless steel structure with large pneumatic tires.
  • Industrial-grade self-priming pump
  • Fish can be transferred over long, horizontal distances.
  • Aluminum, hand-polished, single vane impeller is dynamically-balanced to ensure trouble free operations.
  • Optional wireless remote control is available.

Models and Configurations:

  • ACart-mounted pumps: Both electric and gasoline powered models are available.
  • Submersible pump: This model can be used in raceways, drain sumps and ponds (only available with the Pentair-Vaki 6).
  • Pumps are easily reduced to multiple inlet and outlet configurations:
    • Pentair-Vaki 6- 150 mm (6 in), 100 mm (4 in) and 50 mm (2 in)
    • Pentair-Vaki 8-203 mm (8 in) and 254 mm (10 in)