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Point Four™ Tank / Sea Pen Monitoring

Controlling and monitoring systems from Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems allow for complete control of your water quality from anywhere in the world—even during transport. No two aquatic applications are the same; and over the years, we’ve found that every real-world application has a unique set of needs. That’s why Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems offers a variety of controller solutions that deliver a wide-range of capabilities for monitoring and control of your specific system needs. Our custom-configured controller systems provide unparalleled visibility of your aquatic facilities’ unique parameters; along with the ability to monitor and control a nearly limitless number of system attributes and features. To put it simply; our highly-skilled team can combine sensors, relays, programmable logic controllers, touch screens, wireless systems and computers to provide a comprehensive overview of any number of system parameter that you desire; along with the ability to manipulate and change those parameters in real time. The possibilities are limitless, and the process starts as we work with you to determine which specific attributes of your system need to be monitored/controlled in order to allow the facility to operate in a stable, reliable manner.

Point Four™ LC3 Water Monitor/Controller
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Point Four™ LC3 Water Monitor/Controller
Displaying, notifying and reacting to sensor data is what the LC3 does best. Whether it’s triggering a low level water sensor alarm for an individual tank, cycling oxygen diffusers or sending an email/text message system alert warning to your smart phone; the Point Four LC3 is designed to keep your operation running smoothly & efficiently. Users can collect, manipulate, or control their data locally via the LC3’s clear and intuitive touch screen monitor or connect remotely using a smart device or PC to access the built-in web-server.


  • Remote access compatible with a wide range of devices [Android™ platform, iOS™ mobile digital device, OS X®, Linux and Windows® Operating Systems]
  • Built-in web server allows control system access thru the internet via web browsers
  • Automated data logging for all connected Point Four RIU3 controllers, control devices, and sensors
  • Communication options via Web Server
  • Auto dialer output
  • Digital alarm output
  • Send email and email to SMS functions (Short Message Service)
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • Remote System Access via VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
  • Comprehensive Customer Support—Take advantage of our considerable engineering expertise and thorough after-sales support. Remote support allows troubleshooting and updates via the internet.


Point Four™ RIU3 Remote Water Monitor/Controller
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Point Four™ RIU3 Remote Water Monitor/Controller
The Point Four RIU3 (Remote Interface Unit) offers a host of features suited to our customers’ detailed requirements for continuous monitoring & control of water parameters.The RIU3 functions as either a stand-alone field mounted transmitter/controller, or can be daisy chained t o create a multi-linked network connection, supporting up to 40 units.

An unlimited amount of multi-linked network con nections can be made allowing for a scalable system from small hatchery operations to large RAS systems. Users can collect, manipulate and control all of their data via the Point Four RIU3 Controller, Point Four LC3 To uch Controller or with a computer using Point Four Sync HMI Software (windows based).

The RIU3 will accept multiple input types (4-20mA/ 0 -5 V/ Modbus RS485) and contains 2 SPDT 4amp relays which can be setup for up to six control blocks. Control blocks are configured directly via the keypad, or through a PC using a computer connection cable; allowing users to setup local control and configure alarm conditions.

A key feature of the RIU3 is tank side probe calibration, which is easily performed using the weatherproof 4 button keypad. Probe calibration can now be done by just one operator, allowing the user to service the probe and adjust values all at the same probe location.


Point Four™ Cloud Monitoring Platform
Point Four is the secure, reliable and easy to use internet-based data monitoring cloud service. Provides a suite of features to compliment on site Point Four monitoring equipment.

Whether you’re a site manager overseeing a single hatchery or a production manager responsible for multiple operations you are covered. Access details of your operation in a reliable and data secure platform that provides a customizable interface suited to your reporting needs.

Helps optimize operations by analyzing the data being monitored providing trend analysis and pattern recognition to support system optimization and preventative maintenance strategies.

Collaboration is possible with multiple users from various sites able to access the same information. With real-time communications and instant updates built into the core, has everything you’ve always wanted and more.

The lightning fast interface has been designed to work across all smart phones and computing devices with no software to install and page reloads.

Point Four™ Cloud Monitoring Platform
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