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Point Four™ TS Water Monitor/Controller Transport System

Point Four™ TS Water Monitor/Controller Transport System Features
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Controlling and Monitoring Specifically Designed for Transportation

The Point Four TS (Transport System) utilizes the Point Four MultiRIU, which has been specifically designed for transportation. The MultiRIU provides an input connection for 5 DO/Temp probes to monitor oxygen and temperature during live fish transport and an output for 5 Relays to actuate a solenoid value/flowmeter assembly to automatically dose oxygen, based on specific values set by the end user.

System parameters and settings are transmitted wirelessly to a portable and weatherproof Panasonic Tough Pad (IP65 Rated).

Complete functionality of the MultiRIU is quickly and easily accessed via the TS System touch screen, view data in the cab of the truck while transporting, or walk around the vehicle with the tablet to view and perform system inspections.

Large Easy To Read Touch Screen Display
Values are displayed in large bold type on a color touch screen that can be manipulated wearing gloves or even in the rain! Users can choose to view all parameters at once or alternatively touch the corresponding screen to view single parameter details.

Alarm and Control Set Points
The user can set optional alarm and control set points (e.g. to add oxygen) for each channel/tank. The control system interface is color coded to indicate each channel’s alarm and control status. An audible alarm can also be activated based on certain conditions.

Data Logging
Users can data log system sensor values, view real time trend graphs and export logged data as a CSV/Excel format for additional reporting. The logging rate is user selectable and can be changed “on the fly” based on transport conditions (e.g. every 3 seconds or every hour). An optional printer is available to print logged values on demand.

The TS system can easily be scaled to include up to 4 MultiRIU units, to provide monitoring and control up to 20 tanks (20 probe inputs/20 relays outputs).