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PR Aqua Rotofilter Drum Filter
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Rotary microscreen drum filters are ideal for the removal of fine suspended solids in recirculating systems where water reuse strategies are imperative—aquaculture systems, zoos, aquariums, greenhouses, wastewater treatment plants, and more. PR Aqua Rotofilters are trusted by facilities worldwide for critical filtration needs. Constructed of the highest-quality materials and engineered for the rigors of commercial aquaculture, PR Aqua Rotofilters provide exceptional reliability and a long service life. Designed with the needs of the commercial operator in mind, the filters are also inexpensive to operate. Rotofilters are available in two configurations; fully-enclosed or framemounted. With flow rate capacities from 50 to 7,000 gpm (11 to 1590 M3/HR) and micron ratings from 11–80 (custom sizes available upon request) there is sure to be a Rotofilter that meets the requirements of your application.


  • Removes excess feed, and other organic matter.
  • Continuous filtering, even during backwashing.
  • Low head gravity fed operation.
  • Very low operating cost and minimal backwash water consumption.
  • Superior screen design for long service life.


  • Fiberglass enclosure or stainless steel frame mount, stainless steel internals, and high-quality industrial drive components.
  • Injection molded, one-piece screen eliminates the potential for screen delamination and allows for plugging of small holes without downtime.
  • Inlet seal maintains a continuous positive seat against the rotating drum.
  • Appropriate for corrosive environments. Metals passivated for saltwater applications.

Description of Operation
Untreated water is gravity fed or pumped into the drum, which has fine screens mounted to its periphery. Water flows through the screens while the solids adhere to the screen surface. The filtered water passes over a level control weir and then out of the filter by the use of gravity. As particles attach to the screen surface, the water level inside the drum rises. The rising water activates the automatic drum rotation and backwash system. A pressurized spray is used to clean the solids from the screen into an inclined trough. The solids flow by gravity from the filter for disposal or recovery. The cleaned screens are rotated into the water, lowering the water level. The backwash system shuts down automatically to save power and water.

PR Aqua Rotofilter Drum Filter