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Sweetwater SWX Bio-Media
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Successful biofiltration using moving bed technology requires the use of the right media. Pentair’s Sweetwater SWX Bio-Media is the ideal choice at a great price. These biofilm carrier elements are made from 100% virgin high-density polyethylene. With a surface area of 274 ft2/ft3 this proven geometric design provides an abundant amount of surface area for bacteria to colonize. Robust bacteria colonization is essential to the nitrification process of converting ammonia to nitrite and ultimately nitrate. Pentair’s Sweetwater SWX Bio-Media’s positively buoyant characteristic allows for continuous movement in a bio-filtration tank with the use of an air pump or blower. The constant circulating action exfoliates the older, less active bacterial layer; which eliminates the need for backwashing and allows the media to be self-cleaning.

Sweetwater SWX Bio-Media Close Up